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Celebrating Black History Month: Black excellence takes centre stage at Extendicare Bay Ridges

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February is Black History Month. It is an important time to celebrate and honour the outstanding legacy and rich contributions that Black Canadians have made in our communities across the country.

This year, the Canada-wide theme for Black History Month is, “Black excellence: a heritage to celebrate, a future to build”, which reflects on past and present accomplishments of Black people in Canada as well as embracing new possibilities and creating a brighter future.

Black excellence is taking centre stage at our Bay Ridges home as residents and team members gather to celebrate.

“It is important to incorporate Black History Month programs because of the multicultural representation within our home,” says Sheron Green, Bay Ridge’s recreation manager. “We commence the month with Black History Month displays and decorations throughout the home of prominent Black people such as Harriet Tubman and Barack Obama.”

Each year, the Bay Ridges team actively engages their residents in informative programs and activities, including a taste of the Caribbean with delicious cuisine and treats.

“It is important to us to educate and bring awareness about the history, culture, and food of Black people,” says Sheron.

The month’s events also include a steel pan music performance, small group programs, fun dance sessions, lively music, trivia games, and more!